Clessant makes watch straps
designed for people who wear what they love.
Clessant aims to design watch straps with a very simple idea: we want people to wear our product because they see it as a reflection of their personality.
Clessant is a young and small company, and in that lies our strength. Clessant is led by two young entrepreneurs, William Laurent and Nicolas Perot. The two have very different previous experiences in media, finance, and biotechnologies but a common passion for luxury. Accompanying them is a team of artisans with vast experience in the luxury and watch industry, mechanical engineers, and project managers in the healthcare industry. This diversity challenges preconceived ideas on luxury and brings innovation in a sector often guided by tradition.
Our philosophy ?
Function may seem at first to mean only what would make a strap more practical or more durable; but if you look further, is there anything more functional than to provide pleasure? And if so, what gives us more pleasure than the very perception of beauty? That’s why at Clessant, we are as focused on making something beautiful as we are at making it practical.
“We want people to experience their watch differently, we want them to look down at their watch and see beyond just the value of the watch as a tool. The Apple Watch is such a great medium for this, when not in use it goes back to being an object, like jewelry that comes alive when you need it. Therefore, the majority of the time, the truest value it holds is the perception of beauty you get from looking down on your wrist and seeing it. That’s why Clessant exists, we want to make it beautiful.
Nicolas Perot, Co-founder of Clessant
excellence along every step of production.
Clessant is dedicated to providing excellence along every step of production. From the design of the strap to the finishing touches, we strive to provide the best for our customers, so that it may be relevant, functional, and so much more.
Created in house, with the expertise of fine leather goods artisans.
Each detail is carefully chosen to suit the watch seamlessly.Special tooling and no less than 20 prototypes were made to attain the perfect harmony for the bracelets. This process continues every day where we challenge ourselves to do better and think differently.
Shopping experience
An amazing finished product,and reactive customer service interactions.
“At Clessant we are going the extra mile. Not only we provide superior quality products but we are always putting ourselves in our customer shoes in order to enhance their experience. from the selection of the straps to their delivery.” William LAURENT co-founder of Clessant