Meticulously made by hand 
by one artisan per strap
The furthest thing from an assembly line 
2 hours of labor   • 2 days from start to finish   • 60 distinct steps 
And a collective know-how and experience rooted in luxury strap making 
All to make it look
Cutting Uppers
The upper leather is cut with a press. We choose the pieces without flaws and which look best.
Each upper is thinned to ensure consistent thickness throughout the strap.
An padding leather is included between the upper and lower lining. It allow us to control thickness, flexibility, and durability. Ours is made of leather.
Inner Lining
To avoid allergic reactions, we use a vegetable tanned calf leather treated for moisture.
The edges are cut to the final shape of the strap. Precise down to the millimeter.
 The three layers are assembled, covered in adhesive, and viced with considerable pressure and heat for days. This ensures that the product will maintain its shape over it’s lifetime.
The strap is stitched, Always by hand, either using a sewing machine or simply using a needle.
To ensure perfectly smooth edges
Dyeing the edges
Done over multiple layers. sanded in between for a smooth finish. Best not to shake.
Heat treatment
To harden the edges.
Hole Punching
Once the strap is finished building, holes are punched to allow the buckle to go through as well as the adapters to attach.
Quality Control
Each strap is inspected by hand.