L'Atelier Sur-Mesure

Planning an extravagance?  Looking for the dream strap? L'Atelier Sur-Mesure is here to imagine your wishes, small or big, and bring them to life. 


L'Atelier Sur-Mesure will help guide you through the endless possibilities, always with the signature style of French elegance and subtle refinement. Yours truly



The artisans get to work. The project will be crafted from start to finish by hand in our workshops in France and Belgium


A little bit of patience, and soon your strap will be with you! The fruit of your imagination, interpreted and made by L'Atelier Sur-Mesure.  Unique


Pricing starts at 20% premium over our Ready-to-Wear and MTO collections. Final price will be given after options are defined by correspondence. Nearly all options are complimentary.

Once the strap is in production, the product is non-refundable.

- Leather type

- Leather color

- Scale size, scale shape, hide shine (for alligator)

- Machine stitching, hand stitching, no stitching

- Stitching color

- Wrist size

-Strap edge color

- Lining leather

- Lining color

- Custom text engraving

- Classic buckle or deployment clasp

- And any other request you may have

If you are interested, please contact us using the form below or send us a mail at